2020 Property Tax Rate

Notice of Adopted Tax Rate (2020)

Order Levying Taxes (2020)

Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Rate Increase (2020)

2020 Appraisal Roll (Certified 07.25.2020)

2020 Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet (Certified 08.04.2020)

Notice About 2020 Tax Rates

Proposed Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget


District, Board, Administration, Fire Operation and Tax Information (Texas Tax Code sec. 26.18)

Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget

Fiscal Year 2019-20 Budget and Audit

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget and Audit

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget and Audit

Coronavirus / COVID-19

Galveston Co. – Order to Stay at Home

Galveston County Emergency Services District No. 2 strongly supports and recommends that all residents of and any visitors to the Bolivar Peninsula, and all other members of the public, strictly adhere to and comply with the terms of the March 23, 2020 Order to Stay at Home ( issued by the Galveston County Judge, Mark Henry, and also regularly monitor the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ( and Galveston County Health District ( websites for important information and updates concerning the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak.